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Trust has been reaffirmed by the service

Maureen, Network Synergy was recommended to me by business associates that I trust. This trust has been reaffirmed by the service you have provided. Michelle, Geoff, you (even if you are sending invoices) and your company has been very helpful, courteous, and very professional. As my business grows, which all signs point to, I’m looking forward to working with all of you. Please pass this along to others that need to be reminded about how good you are, and that your hard work is appreciated by your clients

David Ball
The Monroe Partnership

Service that every organization have

Network Synergy’s Backup and Recovery Service is a service that every organization should have. It is easy to use and 100% reliable. In my organization, I had a key server go down and in about four hours, I was able to recover the server to within two hours of the crash. With the help of Network Synergy, I was able to restore the server to a different server. As far as the users and network was concerned, nothing happened. The restore functionality is extremely easy to use. When I need to restore a file for whatever reason, I am able to go to the backup image, find the file and have it sent it original location or to a different location. The application backs up several times a day so I am able to obtain an almost real time backup. For anyone who is limited on resources, using this service will absolutely take the backup and recovery concerns away from your daily routine. In an emergency, you do not want to find out that you cannot recover documents or an entire server. With Network Synergy’s service, it just works.

Lawrence Kong
Information Technology

High level of service

It is no exaggeration to state that the consistently high level of service provided by the people at Network Synergy ranks them as our top vendor. Over the past 8+ years they have met or exceeded our expectation in literally every instance, and there is no doubt in my mind that partnering with them for 100% of our IT business has been of great benefit, as it has allowed me to focus on running the company and not my IT.

Bill Newbauer III
Hubbell Electric Heater

Eric was great

Randy,Eric was great. He accomplished everything on the list and was most helpful & patient answering questions and helping me re-organize and standardize the passwords and computer list of active users. Just wanted to pass this along as everyone we have worked with so far from your company has been excellent.

Design Builders
Design Builders & Remodeling, Inc

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